3 May 2014
3 May 2014

Do we need to worry about a Tsunami in L.A.?

Well, the answer to that depends on where there is a big earthquake. I went to a Tsunami preparedness seminar and learned a few things:

-The biggest impact on Los Angeles will be from a large earthquake in Alaska, Chile or Japan.

-L.A. will probably fare better than the California Central Coast.

-The first wave of a tsunami is usually NOT the largest.

-There is usually about 5 hours of warning between the time the earthquake hits and a tsunami getting here (if it’s in one of the places in the Pacific Rim–not in California).

-It can be 12 hours from the first tsunami wave until the highest wave.

-It is rare for the waves to go inland more than 1/2 mile.

-The biggest impact is going to be contaminated sediment or destruction near shore (ie. boat damage)

Here are some helpful websites:




National Tsunami Warning Center

Best advice: Find out if you live or work in a tsunami danger zone! Then find out if there is a tsunami evacuation route.

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