15 August 2014
15 August 2014

LADWP Drinking Water Quality Report…in a nutshell

You haven’t read the newest Drinking Water Quality Report from the L.A.D.W.P for 2013? I’m shocked! Well, I can boil it down for you to these few highlights:

In 2013, the LADWP did the following:

-Supplied 4 million customers with 200 billion gallons of treated water. Said water passed or surpassed all standards set by the EPA and State Health Dept.

-Collected over 25,000 water samples and performed 240,000 water quality tests and tested for more than 200 contaminants, constituents (yuk!) etc. etc. etc.

-Started construction on the largest ultra-violet (UV) water treatment facility in the West and the Headworks Reservoir new Griffith Park which will have two underground reservoirs and a combined capacity of 110 million gallons.

Chloramination- If you live in the following areas you have already been getting chloraminated water for years: Harbor, East L.A. and Sunland-Tujunga. Pacific Palisades and Brentwood began receiving it in late 2012. Don’t worry, we’re all getting it…

Oh, and what IS chloramine? “While both chlorine and chloramine are effective killers of bacteria and other microorganisms, chloramine lasts longer, forms fewer byproducts and does not have a chlorinous odor.”(LADWP)

They’re spending $250 million for the chloramine conversion and for compliance with Stage 2 of the Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts Rule (basically more monitoring and compliance rules, not a change in allowable levels of disinfection products in our drinking water.

Oh, if you want to read the whole thing yourself enjoy! LADWP 2013 Drinking Water Quality Report

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