Need A Reality Check?

Avoid the embarrassment of having a water-wasting garden

If you’re not sure where to start saving water or not sure how best to do it, start outdoors! The big water waster is probably your garden, so that’s where you can have the biggest impact.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, we can visit your property and do a fairly quick audit of your outdoor water use and landscaping with recommendations and helpful resources.

We go over:

Irrigation—Easy adjustments, retrofit possibilities or do you need a professional?
Greywater—Is it possible? Simply laundry-to-landscape systems do NOT require a permit!
Rainwater catchment—How feasible would it be to collect water from your roof? How much is it possible to store on site?
Rain gardens, infiltration pits—They are one of the simplest changes you can make (and you can even DIY!)
Resources—Plumbers, irrigation designers, landscape contractors, gutter installers, greywater installers
Plant evaluation—Are your plants climate appropriate? We can help you decide what to keep or not or suggest a local landscape designer
Soil evaluation—Understanding your soil can solve key problems in your garden including water use. We can even recommend resources for soil testing (if necessary).

Fees: Please contact us to discuss our fees. Each property is different and we can give you a better sense of the cost if we can discuss the particulars with you by email or phone.

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